Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m passionate about data driven marketing and happy to swap stories with you. I started working in digital marketing back in the early days and was fortunate to work with some of the industry’s earliest AdTech companies.  This put me on the front lines during the evolution of rich media, 3rd party ad servers, ad networks, audience based buying, real-time bidding, data management platforms, mobile, video, private marketplaces, programmatic marketing and more.   My early experience with platforms that activate customer data for the best consumer experience and maximum marketing ROI, has come full circle with today’s AdTech and MarTech companies that empower data driven omni-channel marketing.   I believe that marketers should use all relevant data at their disposal to provide the most meaningful experiences to customers, regardless of device and channel.

As a product leader, I take a customer centric view when solving complex problems.  Providing meaningful and enriching experiences for my team are as important to me as the products we deliver and the customers we serve.    I relish roles where I interact with a variety of internal stakeholders and customers.   Getting into the weeds with end users and discussing strategic long term vision with executives are equally fun for me.  I’m extremely process oriented but not in a way that slows me down.   I’m disciplined, agile and love collaborative, iterative approaches.

I look forward to sharing some of the things I’ve learned along the way and  learning from you too.


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