What Can Private Marketplaces Do For You?

By Bridget Bidlack, SVP, Product Management, [x+1]

Sophisticated audience targeting across Open RTB has become normal for most advertisers, but they’re just learning about the benefits of extending that same level of control to Private Marketplaces (PMP). What’s gained through the same level of precision across premium inventory?

  1. Audience Extension:   Remarket to first party data across premium inventory
  2. Access to Rising Stars:  Early access to engaging ad units that are not readily available on Open RTB
  3. Contextually Targeted Inventory:  Improved reach on contextual targeted ads, even when inventory is blind.
  4. Seasonal Inventory:  Access premium inventory tied to seasonal events like Black Friday, Olympics, and Super Bowl Weekend

Often confusing, it’s important to note that Private Marketplaces (PMP) come in two forms:  private auctions and preferred deals.  With private auctions, advertisers get the opportunity to participate in a private auction giving them first look at inventory.  Advertisers leverage the audience targeting from their DSP to inform these decisions.  Using preferred deals, advertisers negotiate rates with publishers to buy an inventory package for a specific number of impressions, a flat CPM rate or specified budget spend.

While advertisers often negotiate directly with publishers for private auctions and preferred deals, [x+1] also works directly with publishers to offer unique inventory opportunities to our customers.  For example, [x+1] has exclusively partnered with high-value publishers to provide advertisers first-look access to premium inventory during Black Friday, Super Bowl Weekend, the Olympics, and March Madness.

PMP with Origin isn’t run-of-site. It’s not buckshot either. Advertisers have begun to see the benefit of extending the same level of audience control that they’ve grown accustomed to across Open RTB to premium inventory. Inherently, PMP is brand safe, but Origin allows advertisers to leverage their first party data, audience targeting rules, and predictive optimization to their PMP buys. As such, we have seen exponential growth, and we expect the trend to continue well into 2014.

Originally published by [x+Blog], [x+1] on March 25, 2014

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